Phantasy Star Online 2 Release Date US?


I’ve been playing PSO2 on and off for a few months on the Japanese client, now I am loving the game but unfortunately since I left japan in 2008 and haven’t been speaking or using the language in my daily life.  My Japanese language skills are rusty and leave a bit to be desired.  I think I’m seriously missing out on the story of the game as well as misinterpreting various parts.

The first time I played PSO2 in 2012 I remember looking up the release date and it was some vague answer like “2013” well guess what. Now it’s early 2013 and I’m still looking for a solid release date on the game.

I’m a power gamer.  When it comes to a new release or a game I’m just breaking into.  I live and breathe it, I devote every waking moment to the game until I make it my bitch.

PSO2-Release-Date-in-the-United-StatesUnfortunately I haven’t been able to do that with PSO2, because currently I feel like it’s a waste of my time.  I know once Phantasy Star Online 2 is released in the US I’ll completely abandon the JP version and never look back.  Oh I’ll certainly remember my time with the Japanese client fondly.  A quiet night, the two of us and a bottle of chardonnay.  Wait she’s F2P so maybe that’s more like those sake shots you can buy at the convenience stores in Japan.

I’m also a bit of a social gamer,  but with PSO2 another set back is most of my american friends don’t even know the game exists.  I can’t enjoy the game with them,  or prove to them how awesome I am at the game.  Which seriously destroys the spirit of competition for me.


But seriously looking forward to this F2P gem once it’s released in the US. Looking for Phantasy Star Online 2 Release Date US? Why are you excited for it to come?

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